ECEL: “Fundraising (equity/debt): How to best finance the growth of your company?”
Geneva - May 2019
GEREJE held a new ECEL session in Geneva at Bel Air Fine Art's gallery, with Tavernier Tschanz (M&A lawyer) and Du Rhone Chocolatier (premium chocolate).
ECEL: How to anticipate & optimize the funding and transfer of your company
Paris - April 2019
GEREJE held a new "ECEL" session in Paris with Taylorwessing (M&A lawyers) and C4 Ventures (VC fund) on the topic: "How to anticipate and optimize the funding & transfer of your company?"
ECEL: How to optimize the funding & structuring of green & sustainable projects?
Singapore - March 2019
Green is Green! GEREJE hosted in Singapore a session of “ECEL - Entrepreneurs Councils for Entrepreneurs Leaders” on the topic: “How to optimize funding in the green & sustainable economy?” - with the co-speakers Dr. Renée Kaddouch, Founder & Director of Genesis Singapore Avocats, Larissa Tan, CEO of Vanda Electrics and Terry Ghani, Founder of, at our club 1880. 
Invest in France Seminar 2019
Bangkok - March 2019
GEREJE Corporate Finance was proud to be platinum sponsor of the 2019 edition of “Invest in France” seminar in Bangkok , alongside Société Générale, Dassault Systèmes, Thai Union and Mudman Group, in front of an audience of over 100 Thai & French executives & entrepreneurs hosted by H.E. Mr. Jacques Lapouge at the prestigious Ambassador’s Residence building offered to France in 1875 by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) charged with history and symbols.
Lyon - January 2019
GEREJE Corporate Finance celebrated the Year of the PIG in its Lyon office. Watch our film here:
“ECEL: Entrepreneurs Councils for Entrepreneurs Leaders”: Optimize the valuation & financing of your business
Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong - December 2018
December 2018: GEREJE held three "ECEL" presentations ("Entrepreneurs Councils for Entrepreneurs Leaders") in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.
ECEL: Optimize the Financing and Transfer of your Company
Geneva - October 2018
GEREJE and the law firm TAVERNIER TSCHANZ discussed fundraising, transmission, earn-outs and tax pitfalls in front of a public of entrepreneurs and managers at Le Bistrot de Charlotte, Geneva, Switzerland.
ECEL: Optimize the Financing and Transmission of your Company
Lyon - October 2018
GEREJE and CONSULTANCE Patrimoine co-hosted a new collaborative edition in front of a selected audience of entrepreneurs, discussing how to optimize the transmission and the sale of a company, and how to best finance your venture projects.
ECEL: Advisory & legal two complementary sides of an M&A process
Paris - October 2018
Thierry GOUGY (CMD Avocats) and Arnaud PERRIER (INKIPIT Finance) shared their expertise at GEREJE's Paris office on how to optimize M&A processes and avoid common pitfalls for entrepreneurs willing to transfer their ownership.
ECEL: Optimize the fundraising and selling process of your company
Lyon - October 2018
GEREJE Corporate Finance co-hosted a presentation at its Lyon office with the law firm DULATIER & ASSOCIES and the family office FAMILIANCE. The presentation covered different strategic and legal aspects of raising capital & transfer of ownership processes, in front of a selective audience of local entrepreneurs and business-people.
Optimize Financing for your Business – Club 1880
Singapore - June 2018
GEREJE Corporate Finance presented how to best finance and structure companies projects. Fabrice LOMBARDO, Managing Partner of GEREJE, discussed fundraising approaches with Kimmis PUN, Head of Private Banking at VP Bank Singapore. The event was hosted behind closed doors at Club 1880.
Invest in France – French Embassy in Thailand
Bangkok - March 2018
GEREJE Corporate Finance was platinum sponsor, alongside with BNP Paribas, at the business forum "Invest in France", organized by Business France and the French Embassy in Thailand at the Ambassador's Residence.
Luxuo, le blog du luxe
Novembre 21, 2017
Fabrice Lombardo discusses GEREJE Corporate Finance and projections for the Luxury Industry. Read the full article.
Cannes Yachting Festival
Cannes - September 2017
Singapore Rendez Vous
Raffles Marina Singapore - October 2016
Christian-Laurent BONTE, Director Singapore at GEREJE Corporate Finance ; Olivier BURLOT, CEO Heart Media Group
Optimizing growth strategies of European companies in Asia
“Hôtel Royal” – Luxembourg - September 17th, 2014
Among other topics discussed: Structuring and financing in order to optimize growth strategies of European companies in Asia
Deal structuring and financing in order to optimize growth strategies in booming Asia
“Porte de Versaille” – Paris - September 9-11th, 2014
Among other topics discussed: Investment opportunities and trends in the Cosmetics Industry in Booming Asia.
Investing in Luxury Goods and Brands in France
RHT Academy, Singapore - Monday, 14 April 2014
Among other topics discussed: Luxury goods and brand market in France, Structuring an acquisition in France, IP and tax issues.
Photography Exhibition
Paris - December 2013
GEREJE supported the work of photograph Lea Dominguez
“Hotel grande Bretagne” – Athens - November 21st, 2013
Among other topics: Luxury Market, investment opportunities & Trends between Europe & Asia
Charity Event – Women On a Mission
Singapore - October 18th, 2013
GEREJE was pleased to support the charity event “Magical 1001 Nights under the Stars” organised by Woman On a Mission in Singapore
Paris - September 9th -11th, 2013
Among other topics: Investment opportunities and trends in the Cosmetics Industry in Booming Asia
2nd Asia Cosmetic Innovation Summit
WH MING Hotel, Shanghai - June 5th-7th, 2013
Among other topics discussed: Cosmetics Industry: Market Overview & Global Trends and Cosmetics Industry Investment Opportunities In Booming Asian Countries
Charity Event: Black and White Photographic Exhibition
Singapore - April 24th, 2013
GEREJE supported the ELEVATION 8,848 exhibition, which sales benefited Women for Women International, a charity supporting women in war-torn regions.
G20 Investment Summit: “Optimising Investment Strategies in China and emerging Asia”
Paris - April 18th, 2013
Among other topics discussed: Strategy: the new line of differentiation; Optimising Investment strategies in China and emerging Asia
Drama: SEDUCTION, a French Stage play
Singapore - April 10-13th, 2013
GEREJE is pleased to support French Stage in their production of 1 play in Singapore in April 2013: SEDUCTION.
Drama: Le Journal d’un Fou
Singapore - February 2013
GEREJE is pleased to support French Stage in their production: Le Journal d'un Fou
COSMEETING: “Investment Opportunities and Trends in the Cosmetics Industry in emerging Asia”
Porte de Versailles, Paris - September 12th, 2012
Among other topics discussed: Cosmetics Industry in emerging Asia and Local business culture and trends
Art Exhibition: Sans Souci
Singapore - September 2012
GEREJE is pleased to sponsor Art Plural Gallery with the solo exhibition of Indian artist Siddhartha Tawadey titled Sans Souci. Organised by ART PLURAL GALLERY under its Emerging Artists Programme, the exhibition comprises 12 fine art photographs.
Drama: Cyrano de Bergerac & Push Up
Singapore - April 2012
GEREJE is pleased to support French Stage in their production of 2 plays in Singapore in February and April 2012: CYRANO DE BERGERAC and PUSH UP. French Stage is a group whose ambition is to promote classical French theatre with Singapore public.
AFFO* Tour: How to optimize investments strategies in “emerging Asia”
Singapore / Hong Kong - 16-21 October 2011
Among other topics discussed: Synergies & Differences in Approaching About ASEAN, India & China; Local business culture and trends; Negotiations with Asian counterparts; M&A Transaction Optimisation (Controlling issues and deal structuring); The Private Equity Perspective
How to optimize external growth strategies investing into emerging Asia
SwissLife Banque Privée, Paris - May 19th, 2011
Among other topics discussed: Synergies & Differences in Approaching About ASEAN, India & China; Dos / Don’ts in Emerging Asia; M&A Transaction Optimisation; Regulatory framework and Deal Structuring; Incentives and governments support to Foreign Direct Investments in emerging Asia
Business Networking Session on Opportunities in Energy, Environment and Sustainability Sectors in Europe
Singapore - May 10th, 2011
Among other topics discussed: Cleantech: Euro Asian Synergies & Opportunities; Opportunities in Smart Cities & Case Studies in Europe; Highlight of PowerGen & Renewable Energy in Europe; Tapping on Singapore Sustainability Alliance and International Cleantech Network; SBF Business Missions to Europe
Cleantech in France/Asia: Growth and Investment Opportunities
Paris - June, 24th, 2010
Taylor Wessing and GEREJE Corporate Finance, in partnership with CFnews, invite you on a discussion about the Cleantech opportunities in France/Asia.
IE CXOs Luncheon Networking & Green Economy and Opportunities
Singapore - June 2010
IE Singapore and GEREJE Corporate Finance invite you to a discussion on Green Economy and Green Projects Funding. What this means for industry leaders, and the opportunities for Singapore-based companies looking into this space.
Shilpataru Art Event 2010
GEREJE supported Shilpataru Art Event 2010 in Pondicherry
Coumar ANANDA’s Book Launching
Pondicherry - February 28th, 2010
GEREJE supported the launch of Coumar Ananda's new book - Intach Heritage Centre, Pondicherry
Emerging collaboration opportunities with India in the luxury sector
Paris - November 2009
With the support of the India Research Centre Conference. Speaker: Coumar ANANDA, Managing Partner at GCF India
Cleantech Overview, Investment Outlook & Opportunities
Singapore - August 21 2009
Speaker: Antoine ALEMANY, Manager, Singapore. Contents: CleanTech Market Overview; CleanTech Business Opportunities; M&A Trends
International Growth Strategy (External or Organic growth)
Reunion Island - September 2009
Speaker: Fabrice LOMBARDO, Founder & Managing Partner at GCF Asia & France, Paris
Invest in France
Singapore & Kuala Lumpur - June 2009
Speaker: Fabrice LOMBARDO, Founder & Managing Partner. Content: France, An Attractive Market; M&A Activity & Trends; Business Opportunities
Doing Business in India
Singapore - January 2008
Sponsored by IE Singapore Speaker: Fabrice LOMBARDO, Founder & Managing Partner Contents: General Overview of the Indian market; Local Business Culture; India / Singapore: Economic and M&A Trends