We hosted a new session of “ECEL: Entrepreneur Councils for Entrepreneur Leaders”at our club 1880 Singapore on the topic: “How to optimize the valuation, funding & exit of your company”co-presented by Dr. Renee Kaddouch founder or Genesis Avocats Singapore Pte Ltd, Ataru Onuma, Managing Director of ACA Investments Pte Ltd, and Fabrice LOMBARDO, Founding CEO of GEREJE Corporate Finance.

– Ataru : “Good business does not always equal to good business for investors

– Renee: “Entrepreneurs should not be afraid to lose control when they sell their equity: there are many structuring ways to keep control over their company”.

– Fabrice: “Financial structuring enables the alignment of two parties having divergent interests by nature. We can use several technical tools like shares, bonds, convertible bonds, etc. in order to be able to share the future value creation.”

Very stimulating discussion between the speakers and a selected audience of business owners and partners!