Fabrice LOMBARDO, CEO, and Richard LY, VP at GEREJE Corporate Finance were delighted to share their experiences and thoughts with Martin Tang, Founding Partner of Genesis Alternative Ventures (Debt Venture), Pierre Vanrenterghem, Asia Director of Rosemont Business Asia (Business Services & Tax Advisory), in company of Paul Koh, Jesper Kauth and Eric Leng, co-founders of the leading online loyalty platform RebateMango.

  • Martin: “Debt, if used properly, can supercharge the company’s growth, while allowing founders to keep more equity.
  • Pierre: “Having a well-prepared Business Plan and execute it is crucial. All in all, you should rather go for your client’s money than investor’s money.”
  • Fabrice: “Entrepreneurs are often mistaken: investors don’t give you money to please you! They need to invest!”
  • Richard: “A fundraising or sell-side process can be long and you should be wary of not over-promising the results of your current trading – or you take the risk of losing credibility.”

We also thank Perlon David, Founder of DAN CRAZY EGGS to have shared his delicious culinary creations!