GEREJE Corporate Finance held a great new session in Bangkok of “ECEL: Entrepreneurs Councils for Entrepreneurs Leaders” with K. Thanathip Pichedvanichok and K. Ekarin Tengchiew of M&A/Banking Law firm Thanathip & Partners, Christophe Forsinetti of OBOR Capital and Francois LAURENT, Expert Advisor – sharing our experience on “How to optimize the valuation, funding & exit of your company

  • K. Ekarin: “New kinds of funding such as crowd, nano, pico and P2P will play a bigger role in the Thai Financial Markets in the near future
  • Christophe: “Each new stage of fundraising has its own different level of complexity for the entrepreneur. It makes sense to be supported by professionals to stay focused on running the business
  • François: “No matter your track record: raising funds or selling your company is a demanding process that also requires a lot of humility. You need to be prepared and clear on your goals”
  • Fabrice: “Entrepreneurs are often obsessed with valuation, but a deal is no more or less than a negotiation between 2 parties with opposite interests – this is where financial & legal structuring come into play to align all”
  • Etienne: “Funding stages and deal sizes follow certain rules, depending on the company’s maturity and metrics. It’s hard to cut corners”
GEREJE held a new "ECEL" session in Bangkok with THANATHIP & PARTNERS and OBOR CAPITAL