Beyond Surface, is the 2nd solo exhibition of photographs by Dominique Pommier, a French national, and long term resident and admirer of Asia. A self-taught photographer, Dominique has been capturing his vision of the colours, forms, textures, people as well as the spiritual emotions he encountered during his travels for the last 25 years, including 15 in Asia. With Beyond Surface, Dominique is taking a decidedly different approach to his imagery now delving deeper and closer to his subject matter to the point where reality and abstraction embrace. The heroes; of the exhibition are the walls of Asia for they have guided his footsteps and aroused wonderment and fascination as he contemplated the centuries of rich history that they had witnessed. Thus Beyond Surface gives testimony to the strength, beauty, and timelessness of these silent observers of human activity. Through these images, the inner life and exterior beauty of Asia’s walls are captured, but not explained, thus purposely leaving viewers to decipher and interpret the images as they wish. By printing on canvas, which enhances the dialogue between surface and depth, form and substance, he also teases our senses, stimulating our desire to touch his images, feel their grain and texture. Guest of Honor: H.E. Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore