Water Bottling

Market Overview

From 2014 to 2017, the global bottled water market grew to over USD 240 B (9% CAGR) The global bottled water market is expected to have a market size of USD 340 B in 2021 Global per capita average bottled water expenditure was USD 32,3 per head in 2017, and a total consumption of 437 liters
The Asia-Pacific region concentrated 31% of the global bottled water market in 2017.   The global bottle water industry has been experiencing rising demand from developing nations, especially in Asia. The global market is projected to grow at +10% CAGR 2018 – 2023
  • Asia-Pacific demand is expected to grow at faster rate (increasing young working population, rising number of water borne diseases, growing concerns over safety & purity of tap water)
  • China (17% of 2017 total) generates most bottled water revenue in 2017, with a market volume of USD 42 B
  • Indonesia is the largest market in ASEAN and the 2nd after China in Asia
  • Indian bottled water is expected to grow annually by 14% (CAGR 2018 – 2021), and has the world’s largest population without access to clean water

Opportunities & Trends

  • Local M&A landscape:
    • Local consumers trust MNC’s products: safety & quality
    • Tremendous growth in demand for health products provides space for new entrants
    • Local governments welcome MNCs who take care of environmental resources
  • Offering JV/ acquisition opportunities
    • Local players’ small sizes offer good opportunities to enter potential markets with a limited downside
    • Attractive growth markets due to increasing consumer wealth & spending
*Growing Asia means ASEAN, India and China