In 2018, GEREJE has supported THE COLOSSAL FACTORY in its capital raising from Family Offices and Business Angels. This funding round has enabled the company to strengthen its commercial & technical teams, in preparation of the launch of its “chatbot” called Zoé, an automated conversational robot for the hospitality industry.

Founded in 2016, THE COLOSSAL FACTORY offers hospitality professionals a solution to increase their revenue thanks to automated 24/7 interactions, relevant and efficient for users.

The solution already gained the trust of many hotel chains, as well as prestigious players like Opera, Airbnb and

Fabrice LOMBARDO, Founder & CEO of GEREJE: “Chatbots are increasingly used by companies of all sizes, from MNCs to startups. Sectors like banking, distribution and health especially will be impacted, with potential savings up to USD 11 Bn per year by 2023, against USD 6 Bn today in 2018.”