Euro-Asia M&A Trends – Latest


2014 was a record year in terms of venture capital investment activity & 2015 will continue that upward trend according to reports on global VC trends by EY. VC capital activity reaches 13 year high with 2014 seeing USD 87 Bn invested in ~ 6000 deals, the highest annual investment mark since 2000.

  • VC Funding was at its all-time high for the three key VC markets – US, Europe & China as compared to levels seen globally in 2008
  • Consumer services sector received the most investment, driven by large-sized funding deals of mobile-based platform companies such as FLIPKART with the sector attracting USD 29 Bn

Source: Mergermarket, Dealogic, GCF R&A

  • Investments almost tripled to USD 15.5 Bn as compared to USD 4.8 Bn in 2013 with strong activity in the Information Technology & Consumer services sector driving growth
  • Venture Capital poured money into mobile-focused products & start-ups as smartphone user numbers in China continued to grow exponentially.