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Project code name: “SWAN”

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SWAN is a Lifestyle brand focused on the design & distribution of Underwear, Swimwear & Apparel for both men & women. The company has successfully opened 50 concept stores & is on track to reach 58 by the end of 2016 with reach in over 45 countries.

SWAN has developed a strong Brand Identity through a series of successful re-branding exercises & marketing campaigns. Through its social media outlets it has the ability to reach over 150 thousand followers. The brand targets customers aged 15-35 who associate themselves with a healthy & active lifestyle.

Key financials:

  • Turnover FY2015 = USD 3.9 M
  • Average EBITDA margin = 35%
  • Turnover FY16 forecasted = USD 4.5 M
  • 2015 forecasted Revenue = ~EUR 200K