Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “TRUST”


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Online Search Insights

Project code name “TRUST”

EUR 700K sales in 2016 & EUR 1M sales in 2017


EUR 5M Fund Raising


“TRUST” project consists in financing the rapid growth of an innovative Swiss-based “ Consumer Intelligence” company.
The Company has developed an in-house technology & know how to transform hundreds of billions of data points from online activities on Google, Amazon, other e-retailers, etc. into smart data providing insights not available before about the customer journey, campaign ROI, and innovation opportunities.

The company has already secured recurring contracts Sanofi, Purina, Deutsche Telekom and has a strong repeat business with world leaders such as Abbott, Nestlé HQ, Firmenich, L’Oréal, Danone… and has collaborations with Boston Consulting & AT Kearney.


Key investment considerations


    1. Search, Browsing & E-commerce insights: The next generation of consumer intelligence

    • Search engine activity up to 200X social media
    • E-commerce will represent 16% of total retail sales in 2021 (CAGR = 11% between 2015 and 2021)
    • Powerful unbiased & non-intrusive approach


    2. Project « TRUST” : Pioneer & innovative “Consumer Intelligence”

    • Innovative approach: Behavioral, not declarative
    • Exploits a database of +100m persistent anonymized IDs over 171 countries (+5% of the internet population in France, Italy, Spain etc.)
    • Present in all stages of product lifecycle: from inception to tracking advertising campaign post-launch


    3. Scalable business model with recurring revenue

    • 100% of clients are MNCs with large budgets for Consumer Insights
    • 100% customer retention rate
    • Subscription business model : proven results
    • Revenues 2016 = € 700k & 2017e = 1M – 46% YoY growth


    4. Experienced & qualified team with technical & sales expertise

    • Founders with +20 years’ experience in insight agencies
    • Executive team with experience in corporate & agencies
    • R&D Team leader is shareholder and has 24 years’ experience in market research with RJ Reynolds / Japan tobacco International


    5. Solid BP

    • Revenue 2017 = € 1M
    • Sales pipeline based on the new solution in three months marketing = € 12M
    • Sales pipeline for 2018 (est.) = € 30M+
    • Turnover (est.) from 12 to 15 months after cash injection = € 5M
    • Up to 85% recurrent revenue in 2020