Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “TEMPO”

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Project code name “TEMPO”

EUR 5M sales(est.)


EUR 3.5M Fund Raising


An online TV network (250,000 viewers / month) dedicated to the promotion & sale of artworks and luxury goods.

The company started its operation in 2014 in Italy (HQ is outside Italy) and is now looking for equity investor(s) that will inject a minimum EUR 3.5M in order to support its international expansion (France, United Kingdom).

Key Investment Considerations:

    I. The company’s existing strengths:

    1. Secured EUR 5M sales (est.) in 2017 with 16% EBITDA margin (EUR 800K) and 70% of sales secured from artworks

    2. 250,000 viewers per month

    3. Contract with one of the the world’s largest live streaming TV and VOD platform (over 70 million visitors per month)

    4. Multiple channels: web tv, website, social networks

    5. Visionnary entrepreneur with 25+ years experience in the Media and Art industries


    II. The growth drivers:

    1. Duplicate the existing channel in English and French will boost the sales and improve the margins

    2. The purchase of artworks and luxury goods will enable the company to maximise the margins

    3. Publicity of brands account only for 20% of sales yet