Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “OCTAVE”

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Project code name “OCTAVE”

EUR 3-5M sales


EUR 3-5M Fund Raising


A unique premium Tea Brand for all the new generations (millennium) with unmatched quality, authenticity, art & culture bringing fashion into historical Chinese teas.

Founded and lead by a visionary Entrepreneur, the company need to welcome an equity investor that will inject a minimum USD2M in order to support its impressive growth, strengthen the solid existing business model and finance the numerous growth opportunities already identified (expand their distribution network and market reach by increasing their marketing &sales capabilities).

Key Investment Considerations:

    I. The company’s existing strengths:

    1. Fast growth 2016 / 2018: Revenue = + 275% (est.)

    • Revenue 2017= EUR 1.2M
    • Revenue 2018e= EUR 2M

    2. 6 years of product innovation to develop a wide portfolio of 24 flavours across 3 series of blend

    3. Premium brand positioning: production moved from Asia to Europe

    4. Distribution network: 5* Hotel/Palace, Concept stores or “Salon de thé”

    5. Strong management team backed by experienced advisors in retail, F&B

    6. Truly international with HQ in Asia and Sales, production & logistic office in Western Europe

    7. Outstanding customer response

    8. Diversified distribution channels


    II. The growth drivers:

    1. Solid margin will improve thanks to the future growth and economies of scale

    2. Leverage on the existing brand portfolio

    3. Product innovation & R&D to continue to offer unique tea blends & mixed tea drinks

    4. International expansion: global tea market will grow from USD 12.4B to 20B in 2025

    5. The market trend: tea is the new coffee and premium tea will grow from 27% market share in 2016 up to 32% in 2025

    6. Diversify & expand sales through new channels : Concept stores & franchise

    7. Or Tea 2.0 : boosting the digital sales & promotion

    8. Strengthen the existing team