Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “MAGNOLIAS”

Hig End Niche Perfume - Investment Opportunities

High End Niche Perfume

Project code name “MAGNOLIAS”

EUR 50-60M sales (Retail)


Sell (Majority)


Founded in 2010, the company code named « PARADISE » is a French high-end niche perfume brand.

The Founders are now willing to sell to a strategic and / or financial buyer who will allow the group to pursue its development and exploit the numerous growth drivers.

Key Investment Considerations:

    I. The company’s existing strengths:

    1. Extensive range of proprietary fragrances (> 22 SKU)

    2. Diversified & complementary portfolio of products (scent, candles, accessories..)

    3. Wholly owned retail network: 3 wholly owned stores

    4. Wide international distribution network (~50 countries) with strong presence in Middle East/Europe

    5. Partnerships with hundreds of famous and well-known retailers (Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Nordstrom, Harrods)

    6. One of the rare independent niche perfume mid-cap


    II. Numerous growth drivers:

    1. Potential deployment in Asia and especially South-East Asia where the brand’s scents are in line with consumer expectations

    2. Established a subsidiary in USA in 2018 which is the N1 market in the world for niche perfume

    3. Opening of 7 wholly owned stores are scheduled and will enable to increase margins

    4. Digital revolution has not started – Online sales are not well-developed yet