Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “GOLD”


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Haute Horlogerie



CHF 1.4M Fund Raising


Project « GOLD» is a 17 years old Swiss based company pioneer in custom watchmaking, offering unique Haute Horlogerie pieces for international collectors and enthusiasts.

The Founder and owner of GOLD wants to leverage on the know-how, reputation and network built over the years to to launch a new concept of swiss custom made timepieces in the middle range segment (average price = CHF 2K). Commercialized mainly through the company’s dedicated online customizer platform.

He needs to raise CHF 1.4M in order to launch the project and support the communication.

Key investment consideration:

3 sources of revenue:

  • Historical activity of sur mesure Haute Horlogerie watches (price range between CHF 20K and CHF 100K)
  • New activity of « demi mesure « affordable Haute Horlogerie watches (average price = CHF 2K)
  • Other revenue: The company has the exclusive distribution rights for Switzerland of one of the most reputed leather watch strap manufacturer + maintenance services

Solid business network with +40 Haute Horlogerie subcontractors in Switzerland built over the past 17 years.

The positioning and the concept has been validated by the industry leaders: Richemont launched in May 2018 a new affordable luxury brand (Baume) being sold 100% online through a dedicated customizer but offering 1000 time less possibility than project GOLD.

Key financials:

  • Revenue in 2019 (est.) = CHF 1.7M with 2% EBITDA margin (25% of the revenue being already secured)
  • Revenue in 2021 (est.) = CHF 3.4M with 20% EBITDA margin