Project code name : “ EMPIRE“


Digital Health

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“EMPIRE” project consists in financing a Swiss based company having developed a unique “Electronic Health Record” (EHR) software enabling 1) a digitalization the daily medical care process and 2) the sharing of qualified data about patients improving the daily practice & productivity of the medical community (doctors, nurses, health insurance, social security institutions…).


Key Investment Considerations:


1. The company’s existing strenghts

  • Early mover in the EHR industry: Several years of R&D achieved and EUR 6.8M invested to date; Patented software
  • Founded & Developed by reputable swiss health professional doctors in collaboration with strategic players in the Healthcare & IT industries (medical testing laboratories, pharmacists, general practitioners & specialists, ERP specialists…) = Bottom-up Approach
  • 50 reputable health practitioners have invested & are shareholders
  • Multi langage software offering immediate business opportunities outside Switzerland
  • Accessibility: Web-based EHR provides 24/7 access to patient records from any location with Internet access
  • Patient Care care improvement: offering complete and accurate information about patients, EHR improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce medical errors
  • Productivity gain estimated at 30%

2. Numerous growth drivers

  • Other EHR systems currently available are documentation-improving systems only. The EHR system related to « EMPIRE » project is offering productivity gain
  • Healthcare expenditure in Switzerland is CHF 80 Bn every year and the potential gain of productivity is estimated at 10% minimum
  • Healthcare expenditure control is one of the biggest challenge for Western countries in the coming years
    – Population is aging
    – Medical care becomes more and more complex using more and more sophisticated technology which increase significantly healthcare expenditure