Our Proprietary Deal Flow – Project Code Name: “ALTER”



Project code name: “ALTER”

USD 40-60M sales


Joint Venture (Minority up to Majority)

Located in South-East Asia, ALTER is a leading regional player in the construction industry.


Key investment considerations:

  • Strong references:
  • – Commercial : Urban development (petrol station, mosque, factory, leisure, building..)
    – Infrastructural: Transit System (MRT, LRT, Double tracking..), Highways…

  • Operational Facilities: 2 Casting Yard of 50-60 acres accumulated + a PT workshop

  • Major assets: Recent Plant & Machineries such as segment launcher, lifter c/w generator, full auto computerised wet batching plant, wheel loader…

  • Staffing: Approx 1.000 employees including a board of director with over 150y of accumulative technical and practical experience

  • The Company is open to initiate dicussions with a strategic player regarding a possible equity partnership and is ready to consider to sell a majority stake



  • Turnover = USD 40-60M sales (profitable)