MAY 2016



EMMI (SUI) merges with COWGIRL CREAMERY (US) and TOMALES BAY FOODS (US) to increase sales and earnings

The acquisition of the two cheese companies, with combined sales of USD 20 M per annum, will increase EMMI’s reach of dairy products into the US. Plans are also underway to increase production via the constructions of a new facility in Petaluma. Details of the purchase price have not been disclosed.

17 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

EMMI (SUI) increases its holdings in SURLAT S.A (CHL), the leading producer of UHT milk in Chile

The Swiss Dairy Conglomerate EMMI, through its subsidiary, KAIKU CORPORATION, is increasing their stake from 60% to 85%-95%. The move comes from forecasts of favorable market potential in Chile. EMMI is on course with their targets to increase its sales via acquisitions and growth outside Europe. Details of the transaction were not revealed.

24 May 2016 / Dairy Reporter


JIYO NATURAL (IND), a food service company acquires food delivery company SANGEETHA AAHAR (IND)

The health food company JIYO NATURAL intends to increase their delivery capacity to reach 6,000 meals a day with the acquisition. The increasing demand of health foods in India prodded the need for an increase in production and manpower. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

EV/Sales: 0.6x

27 May 2016 / The Economic Times

THAI UNION GROUP (TH) is thinking about diversifying into pet care related businesses.

The seafood producer believes the expansion will induce higher profit margins. They have also noted the overly priced past transactions. The world’s biggest canned tuna processor is looking at Asia for viable acquisitions. They are also currently looking to expand their shrimp business in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

27 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia



Newly established venture capital fund VIVO PANDA FUND I received USD 100 M funding.

The healthcare focused fund received a USD 100 M funding from VIVO CAPITAL (CH), TAIWAN SILICON VALLEY TECHNONOLOGY FUND (TW) and CATHAY LIFE (TW). The fund will look into sectors including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices & diagnostics.

27 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

GLOBAL ASSISTANCE & HEALTHCARE (SG) acquires PT JLT GESA (IDN) to solidify its portfolio in Indonesia

To gain a better foothold in the Indonesian market, GLOBAL ASSISTANCE & HEALTHCARE, a health risk and claims management service provider, will acquire PT JLT GESA (MEDILUM). With business models similar in nature, the addition of 380 new employees will allow for a wider network for the management of healthcare risks and client management. Details of the transactions have not been disclosed.

20 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia


Renewable Energy

SPRING Singapore will co-invest with investment companies up to SGD 75 M to aid burgeoning technology startups

With a maximum joint investment of SGD 4 M per venture, this will allow these startups to tap into the resources and connections provided. The sectors targeted include cleantech, renewable energy, agricultural technology, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing.

17 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

SUMITOMO (JP) looking to acquire EXCEL CROP CARE, a pesticide and agrochemical company for USD ~175-195 M

This amount will translate to 44% of EXCEL CROP CARE. SUMITOMO plans to capture more market share, increase product portfolio and strengthen their supply base. SUMITOMO is buying out stakes from SHROFF FAMILY, RATNABALI CAPITAL MARKETS and RATNABALI INVESTMENTS.

23 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Engineering & Construction

)YANZIJIANG (SG) will fully own its subsidiary CS MARINE TECH (SG)

The Chinese shipbuilding company will take on the remaining 40% equity in maritime service counterpart. This acquisition will create additional revenue streams, which will contribute to their bottom line. This transaction will occur at USD 1 M. Net Asset Value of CS MARINE TECH is USD 1.7 M.

28 March 2016 / Deal Street Asia


SINGTEL (SG) buys 74% of TATA COMMUNICATION (IND) to clear its debts and explore other investment options

SINGTEL will acquire 17 data centers from TATA COMMUNICATIONS for an enterprise value of SGD 634 M. The move by TATA COMMUNICATION was aimed to pare the RUP 95.5 B in debt, significantly improving their balance sheets. TATA COMMUNICATIONS is also looking to sell its South African network operator Neotel Pty.

19 May 2016 /Deal Street Asia

PLDT (PH) and GLOBE TELECOM INC (PH) each acquired 50% of SAN MIGUEL CORP (PH)

The two telecommunications companies acquired SMC’s diversified conglomerate’s telco’s asset, in efforts to improve their services in their competitive landscape, as more foreign companies enter the market. The deals were made via a Sales and Purchase Agreement.

EV: USD 1.5 B

30 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia



LaunchPad (MY) raised USD 6 M to support, fund and launch new Tech Ventures

LaunchPad, a venture capitalist company that grows its own ideas and companies, will now use the USD 6 M in funds to aid non-LaunchPad companies. They are focusing on investments in their pre-seed to seed stages and these companies will be able to access Launchpad’s resources, marketing and administrative expertise.

20 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

SHANDA GROUP (SG) buys 11.7% stake in LendingClub Corp (US) amidst high regulatoryinterest.

The Singapore based private investment group will look to acquire 11.7% of LendingClub – America’s top credit marketplace, believing in the potential of the core business model and its prospects. SHANDA paid USD 148.7 M for 29 M shares and concurrently holds USD 11.2 M worth of options.

EV/EBITA: 4.6x
EV/Sales: 2.5x

24 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Fashion Discovery Startup GOXIP (HK) secures USD 1.62 M to fund further developments in their online and mobile applications

GOXIP, a fashion discovery app, raised USD 1.62 M in efforts to improve its user interface, market integration and talent acquisition. Tracking the habits of their customers, these algorithms can further be exploited to accumulate a wider customer base.

20 May 2015 / Deal Street Asia

Online Pharmacy Marketplace by QIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO LTD (CH) raises USD 15.2 M in funding.

Investments led by SB CHINA CAPTIAL and LILY ASIA VENTURES, will be used to develop their online sales/community that currently hosts 32,000 products from 150 partners. Growing to a 200-member team, QIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY now competes with ALIBABA HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LTD.

28 May 2016 / China Money Network

Investment Company PT KRESNA GRAHA INVESTAMA TBK (IDN) will set aside USD 20 M for acquiring.

The company intends to grow their Digital Business Portfolio with recent acquisitions in companies like DNK, PADICITI and KPISOFT. They are focusing on companies that are listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), have a strong gasp on the Internet space and have a strong customer base.

28 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Media Company HT MEDIA LTD (IND) acquires Lifestyle e-tailer (IND) for USD 4.4 M

The transaction would give HT MEDIA 8% of KOOV PLC and this strategic investment will come against the backdrop of recent fund raising efforts that amounted to USD 32 M. Funds will be used to support the 189% sales growth in the past year.

(Est.) EV/SALES: 3.6x

30 May 2016 / VCCircle

Payment Solutions

AETIUS CAPITAL (SG) invests USD 5 M in Mobile Game Company, Cloud Alliance (SG)

The Investment firm, AETIUS CAPITAL has also made similar investments in fintech Startups. Together with UNITY TECHNOLOGIES (US), funds will be used to fuel the developments of CloudMoolah, an integrated payment system.

26 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

SANDPIPER DIGITAL PAYMENTS AG (SUI) ‘acqui-hired’ GoGorilla (SGP) to get a foothold in the region

The CHF 36 M dollar Swiss company SANDPIPER DIGITAL acquired Singapore based GoGorilla to integrate RFID Technologies into their cashless payment systems. With GoGorilla’s team, technology and results, it will allow for rapid expansion across APAC. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

10 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

TAGIT (SGP) secures a S$12 M investment from SRA Group (JP) to cast a wider net in Asia

TAGIT’s mobile application development platform Mobeix has caught the attention of SRA group, a Japanese Information Technology (IT) Company. With the S$12 M investment by SRA IP Solutions (Asia Pacific), the collaboration between the two IT companies aim to leverage on each other’s coverage in Asia and offer innovative ways to create more value. Against the backdrop of an increasingly connected ASEAN Economic Bloc, this integration will also fuel the developments of their financial sector services and IP solutions across the region.

10 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) potentially channelling USD 74-148 M into venture funds via the PMV Tech Startup Scheme

Indonesia is going to pass a law that requires corporations and individual taxpayers to declare all unreported assets (on and offshore). Newly established Venture Capital Alliance, AMVESINDO is lobbying to redirect these tax repatriations by OJK into investment funds in small businesses in Indonesia.

19 May 2016 / Tech In Asia

MESITIS (SG) raised USD 2.35 M to be channeled into their flagship platform – CANOPY

By gathering financial data from various resources, CANOPY compiles and sieves relevant data into a portfolio for their customers. The USD 2.35 M investment will be used to upgrade CANOPY’s technology and their employees. This is not the first wave of funding and the aggregate amount of funds raised moves up to USD 6.13 M.

20 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Financial Services provider JIRNEXU (SG) secured USD 3 M in funding to grow and improve their applications

In a funding round led by DMP, CELEBES CAPTIAL, NTT DOCOMO VENTURES, NULLABOR, TUAS CAPTIAL PARTNERS, ANFIELD EQUITIES and Steve Melhuish, JIRNEXU raised USD 3 M. The company develops a plethora of financial services to improve B2C processes. The money raised will be used for the growth of a new application XpressApply and the improvement of existing applications.

24 May 2016 /Tech in Asia

Financial Services Company EVERBRIGHT (CH) and Internet Entertainment firm BEIJING BAOFENG TECHNOLOGY CO LTD (CH) will buy 65% in MP & Silva (MPS).

The Italian sports media distribution company MPS, valued at USD 1 B, will soon be able to invigorate its virtual reality and internet based services into the Chinese Market. The acquisition was made on the backdrop of China moving into the Sporting industry. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

25 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia

Financial Services Company ClearTax (IND) secures USD 2 M in a series A funding.

ClearTax aids consumers with the filing of tax returns online. They managed to raise USD 2 M led by SEQUOIA CAPITAL INDIA and FOUNDERS FUND ANGEL, receiving a total of USD 3.3 M for the year. Funds will be channeled into a new product that helps customers save on taxes by making investments.

26 May 2016 /LIVEMINT.COM

Software Services Company (IND) TECH MAHINDRA LTD will buy 100% of TARGET GROUP (UK) for USD 116 M.

The acquisition of the processing platform company will allow TECH MAHINDRA to grab a larger market share in the European Market as well as solidify their presence. It will also increase the efficiency of their BANKING, FINANCE & INSURANCE (BFSI) services with the introduction of a new platform.

EV: USD 168 M

30 May 2016 / VCCircle

IsItUp (SG) raises funds from seed funding to pave the way for fixed asset management

The online platform for tracking and monitoring fixed assets via cloud software, IsItUp is exploring new opportunities to become major competitors in this industry. By channeling these investments to support macro initiatives around risk management, compliance and its core business, it is set to spark off growth in the future.

30 May 2016 / VCCircle


ASIAMX (SGP) secures investment led by MARVELSTONE (KOR)

ASIAMX (SGP) has secured a six figure funding from angel investors and MARVELSTONE’s accelerator 10K ASIA.
The investment will be used to launch a TV advertising sell-side exchange in Asia Pacific. the platform will be launched in the coming weeks, and will be looking to expand beyond southeast Asia.
ASIAMX is 10K Asia’s first investment in the adtech space.

20 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia



TourRadar (AT) secures USD 6 M to finance its plans to expand

TourRadar a multi-day tour and activity specialist managed to secure USD 6 M in funding to increase their staff head count and ramp up marketing activities. Hoxton Ventures, Cherry Ventures, SpeedInvest and AWS Founder Fund led the funding. Most of them have similar travel and tour related companies in their portfolio.

25 May 2016 / Tnooz

nuTONOMY (US), the autonomous vehicle developer raises USD 19 M in funding in preparation to release the world’s first autonomous taxi fleet in Singapore.

Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB), HIGHLAND CAPITAL PARTNERS, FONTINALIS PARTNERS, SIGNAL VENTURES AND SAMSUNG VENTURES were main players that led the Series A round. The investment will aid in hastening the process in which these new technological developments will be rolled out to the Singaporean consumers.

25 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia


French luxury gourp L CAPITAL ASIA (FR) acquired minority stake in Grocery Franchisee JTG HOLDINGS (GB)

The acquisition would transfer franchise rights for JONES THE GROCER to the French firm. L CAPITAL ASIA would assist JTG HOLDINGS in their growth and expansion into newer markets, realigning their strategies and bringing new opportunities to the table. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

28 March 2016 / Deal Street Asia


Integrated Education Service provider EDUSPEC HOLDINGS BHD (MY) expands into THAILAND.

Through joint venture with NEXT2STEPS (TH), a hardware and software solutions provider, EDUSPECS look to earn higher revenues from the expansion. The overseas business will allow EDUSPECS to tap on resources and experiences of the Thai market space. EDUSPEC will have 60% and NEXT2STEPS will share the other 40% of this deal.

27 May 2016 / Deal Street Asia