On-going Investment Opportunities - Blind teasers

We focus on transactions from EUR 5 to 200M for High growth companies (Series A/B/C ) and Profitable small & mid cap looking for financing or transmission. See below the blind teasers of our on-going mandates as well as our other potential deals.

NOTE: We have duly and professionally challenged all information & data provided by our clients, including past & existing figures, assumptions of the Business Plan as well as the professionalism of the management team / shareholders. Our valuations, calculation and deal structuring are fair and based on market practices.

Proprietary Deal Flow

We have privileged access to many companies (key managers / shareholders) mainly in Asia and in Europe (see a few example below). If you are a potential buyer or investor please share with us your investment criteria so that we can offer the right investment opportunities from our 100% in-house proprietary deal flow.