Project code name : “ WRITER“

Venture - Crowdfunding Platform
EUR 20M vehicle
Min. ticket EUR 1M Fundraising

Real Estate Investment Vehicle

Detailed Investment Project Analysis available against signature of an electronic NDA Request more details

Founded in 2008, the company is the French leading crowdfunding platform.

In 2011, the founders decided to set up a new branch focusing 100% on real estate projects for debt financing.

Project « WRITER » is to secure debt commitments to co-finance a pipeline of projects that have been already secured and audited.


Key Investment Considerations

  • Pioneer and leader since 2011
  • Skilled management & dedicated operational team
  • Experienced & rigorous due diligence process
  • Large community of > 60,000 potential investors
  • Strong network of qualified property developers – secured pipeline of > 70 projects
  • Solid track records: high return & satisfaction


Key Financials

  • Over 35 real estate projects successfully financed
  • 6 exits realized with a 10% ROI
  • A secured deal flow of projects of > EUR 45M
  • A profitable & growing crowdfunding company – generating 18% net margin
  • Investment vehicle size = EUR 20M
  • Minimum investment ticket size size = EUR 1M