Project code name : “ UNDERCOVER“

Venture - Fintech / Microlending
USD 50M Fundraising

Online Microcredit

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“UNDERCOVER” project consists in financing and developing the first leading online South-East Asian based Micro-credit firm.

The company has already achieved its proof of concept with USD 3M turnover in its local market (+1100% YoY growth) and a successful USD 12M Serie A in mid-2017.

Our client seeks now USD 20M in Equity & USD 30M in debt to :

– Growth Capital for Expansion to Other Markets
– Marketing & User Acquisition
– Diversification into Other Credit Products


Key Investment Considerations


1. Invest in a leading player established in the strategic Southeast Asian region

      • A fast growing market where the majority of the population have no access to credit
      • Data collection and proprietary algorithms with continued investment in machine-learning / A.I. technologies


2. Outstanding and experienced executive team

      • The management previously founded a financial start-up
      • Qualified management with 12+ years of experience each
      • Strong experience in credit & banking institution (Citi, Rabo, Barclays)


3. Solid track-record in micro-credit : high monthly returns to lending capital providers with minimum downside

      • Current Portfolio NonPerforming Loan “NPL”: 1.08%
      • Clients Monthly application Growth (April ’15 – Current): ~29%
      • Clients Monthly Retention Rate: 75%
      • Monthly Net Interest Margin: ~18%


4. Realistic & attractive BP

    • 2017 Growth (vs. 2016): +1100%
    • 2017E Revenue = ~USD 3M
    • 2018F Revenue = ~USD 30M / EBIT = USD 12M