Investment Opportunities Project Code Name: “SUNFLOWER”

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Solar Power Producer & Provider

Project code name: “SUNFLOWER”

Small Cap


USD 14,5M Fund Raising

SUNFLOWER project consist in raising equity to expand the portfolio of solar power plants in South-East Asia of a Solar Energy project headquartered in Singapore.


Key Investment considerations

  • A long term & robust solar turn-key solutions specialist in the region
  • Well known multinational Clients with extensive regional footprint
  • Clear untapped potential in SEA and strong governments commitment
  • Compelling assets backed projects with transparent and stable cash flows
  • Robust leads pipeline of Investment-grade clients/off-takers > 200 MWp
  • Increase in demand for Energy diversification & to mitigate rising electricity cost
  • Corporate social responsibility to lower carbon footprint


Key financials

  • Attractive & flexible business model, mastering the entire value chain
  • IRR is close to 20% per project
  • 2020 forecast Turnover = USD 12M – EBITDA = USD 10,8M (91%)