Investment Opportunities Project Code Name: “SIREN”


Internet of Things (IoT) - Investment Opportunities

Internet of Things (IoT)

Project code name: “SIREN”



USD 30M Fund Raising

SIREN project aims to identify strategic & financial investors to inject USD 30M in the first full Internet of Things operator in Asia, powered by the world IoT leader


Invest in the IoT, the next technological revolution

  • Market = USD3Tn + 30Bn devices connected by 2020 (10Bn in 2016)
  • The IoT impacts all key verticals: industry, logistics, home, security…
  • USD 1Bn raised by ~100 companies in the last 3 years (2014-2016)


Invest in the leading IoT operator & solutions provider in Asia

  • Exclusive partner to the worldwide leading disruptive technology already deployed in many countries
  • First-mover advantage in Asia with the leading operator & solutions provider:
    1. Offering a unique business model with multiple revenue streams
    2. An existing skilled and experienced multi cultural team with > 15 members
    3. Exclusive collaboration with world-leading IoT ecosystems
    4. Strategic partnerships with Asia’s largest electronics manufacturers


Invest in a solid business model offering high returns

  • Seed investment done by core founders and global industry leaders (publicly listed)
  • Series A: raising USD 30m to build the network and provide IoT solutions
    1. Series A1 = USD 10M for Singapore and Taiwan
    2. Series A2 = USD 20M for Malaysia and Thailand
  • 2021 forecast: Turnover = USD 275M / EBITDA = USD 115M (42%)
  • Expected 2021 ROI (Cash-on-Cash) = 6x (IRR 56%)
  • Multiple exit strategies

Internet of Things (IoT) - Investment Opportunities

Trying to determine the market size for the “Internet of Things” is like trying to calculate the market for plastics, circa 1940. At that time, it was difficult to imagine that plastics would be in everything.” Prof. Michael Nelson, Georgetown University