Project code name : “ NOVENA - DIMENSION - ACE - ARMORIQUE“

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Project code name: NOVENA

Small cap



Founded in 2010, the company develops housing real estate programs in the Parisian area.

After 5 years of co-promotion experience with National Players, the founders decided in 2015 to develop their own ‘’full’’ programs.

NOVENA is looking for investors to participate in a minority capital increase in order to support the company’s growth, structuring the execution team and ensuring the financing of future projects.

Key Investment Considerations

  • Very experimented management team
  • Visibility:
    • Programs Under Construction = over EUR 40 M turnover
    • Projects In Pipe= over EUR 50 M turnover
  • Solid track record: 13 programs launched and developed from 2011- 2015, representing EUR 125M
  • Profit Making – In bonis company – over EUR 10 M gross margin already secured in the next 4 years
  • Market: Paris Area’s real estate market is very dynamic

Project code name: “DIMENSION”

Small cap



Founded in 2013, the company develops housing real estate programs in the Parisian and Champagne area.

The company emerged from the grouping of two entities with a 20 years’ experience in the construction of collective housing.

DIMENSION is now looking for investors able to finance its real estate programs in order to support the company strategic development especially in Paris region.

Key Investment Considerations

  • Experimented and skilled management team
  • Solid track record: 6 programs launched and developed in 2016/ 2017
  • 10 ongoing programs representing > EUR 64M turnover

Project code name “ARMORIQUE”

EUR 70M sales


Project financing

Founded in 1980’s, the company is a French integrated property developer, which has developed a complete range of skills over more than 30 years of experiences.

Benefits and competitive advantages: national coverage and fully integrated real estate service from manufacturing, promotion, sales to management.

ARMORIQUE is looking for investors able to finance projects especially in Paris, Lyon and PACA areas.

Key Financials:

  • Turnover ~ EUR 70 M
  • 700 buildings in France
  • Around 1 million of sqm built

Key Investment Considerations:

  • 30 years of expertise in real estate
  • Integrated group: staff ~ 100
  • Solid track record: SNCF, Siemens, Airbus and more

Project code name “BUILD”

Small Cap


Project Financing

Founded by a renown International Interior architect, the Company code name “BUILD” develops rehabilitation programs in Cotes-d’Armor in Britany.

The group currently works on a rehabilitation of a former military basis in Dinan to transform it into elegant & lofty apartments.

BUILD is now looking for investors able to co-finance the renovation of the first building : buy the lands and launch the program.

Key investment considerations

  • Renown and skilled management
  • Amount = EUR 800K (minimum ticket of EUR 50K)
  • Duration = 16 months
  • Guarantee = Autonomous First Call Guarantee (“GAPD”) and mortgage promise