Our Investment Opportunities – Project Code Name: “PARADISE”

Perfume - Investment Opportunities

High-End Niche Fragrance

Project code name “PARADISE”

EUR 50M sales (Retail)


Distribution Partnership

“PARADISE” consists in partnering with a local or international distributor/retailer for the expansion of the brand in Asia (Hong-Kong, Singapore and South-Korea).

Founded in 2010, the French brand (and based in the Middle-east) is specialized in high-end niche perfume.


Key investment considerations


    1. Wide Range of Products:

    • Multiple lines of niche fragrances (Men, Women, Unisex)
    • Sophisticated, delicate and strong scents choices
    • Diversification of products (Scent candles, accessories..)
    • Complementary upcoming products (bath..)


    2. An international distribution network:

    • Distributed in over 48 countries with strong presence in Middle-East/Europe
    • Several owned-stores around the world
    • Located in hundreds of famous and well-known retailers (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Harrods..)
    • Deployment in 11 new countries planned over the next years


3. An Attractive and innovative identity image

  • Designed by world famous designer
  • A blend of modernity & feudalism
  • With strong story-telling linked to the French Royalty


4. Key Metrics

  • > EUR 50-60M Retail sales over the world (+20% growth YoY)
  • > 200K Bottles sold in 1 years


5. Outstanding management with fragrance expertise

  • Founders with 20+ years of exp in the industry
  • Leadership with proven track-record
  • Executive team with experience in distribution (mass-market, department store) and multinational corporation