Project code name : “ OCTAVE“

F&B - Premium Lifestyle Tea Brand
USD 5M sales - 2x growth
USD 2M Fundraising

New Premium & Lifestyle Tea Brand

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A unique premium Tea Brand for all the new generations (the Millennials) with unmatched quality, authenticity, art & culture bringing fashion into historical Chinese teas – founded and lead by a visionary Entrepreneur based in Hong Kong.

The shareholders & advisors  have already injected USD 1.7M (including USD 450K self-funded by the business owner) to build the foundations and enable the brand to take off.

They are now willing to welcome a minority shareholder that will inject USD 2M in order to support the brand’s rapid growth, strengthen its existing business model and finance the growth opportunities already identified: i.e. expand their distribution network and market reach by increasing their marketing and sales capabilities.

Key Investment Considerations:

1. The company’s existing strengths:

  • Fast & steady growth = Revenue = x2 / year
    • Revenue 2016= USD 0.7M
    • Revenue 2017= USD 1.3M
    • Revenue 2018E= USD 1.8M to 2M (estimate)
    • Revenue 2019F= USD 5M
  • Brand positioning targeting the MILLENIALS: Tea consumption among millennials is expected to grow 30-35% over the next five years (4-6% CAGR 2018 – 2023).
  • A Strong, experienced & committed team, lead by a visionary serial entrepreneur, able to execute the plan thanks to their 20 years impressive successful track record (3 companies created and sold)
  • An original marketing to build a Lifestyle Brand
  • 6 years of product innovation & hard work with 2 of the world’s most famous and experienced tea blenders to develop a wide portfolio of 24 flavours across 3 series of blend
  • Efficient Distribution via multiple channels to operate in selective points of sales.: 5* Hotels/Palaces, Concept stores or “Salons de thé”
  • Truly international with HQ in Asia and Sales, production & logistic office in Western Europe
  • Outstanding customer response

2. The company’s main growth drivers:

  • Solid margins will improve thanks to the future growth and economies of scale
  • Leverage on the existing brand portfolio
  • Product innovation & R&D to continue to offer unique tea blends & mixed tea drinks & New tea such as Super Tea Smoothies
  • International expansion: Open new markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand
  • The market trend: “Tea is the new coffee”: premium tea segment is expecting to grow from USD 3.4Bn in 2016 up to 6.5Bn in 2025 globally.
  • Diversify & expand sales through new channels : Concept stores & franchise
  • Boosting the digital sales & promotion
  • Strengthen the existing team