Project code name : “ NEW“

Venture - Low Cost Housing
USD 100M sales
USD 20M Fundraising
Europe / Oceania

Sustainable Housing Production

Detailed Investment Project Analysis available against signature of an electronic NDA Request more details

“NEW” project aims to offer attractive 15% ROI whilst making a positive impact on philanthropy, education, healthcare, economic and environmental issues.

The investment will be done through a Fund in Luxembourg (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund) with the first pre-qualified LUX FLAG Labels for Environmental and ESG (Environment and Social Governance).


Key Investment Considerations:


1. Unique green & low-cost solution for housing

      • By 2025, market of USD 12T in both developing and developed countries
      • Turn plastic bottles into prefab housing
      • Recycling plants turn even the worst grades of plastic (those that are a mix of everything else) into clean non-toxic panels
      • Solution: Cyclone-proof, sustainable, semi-permanent and can be fully of the grid for energy, waste, water treatment and sanitation
      • Finished goods: houses and structures can be 1) deployed and adapted to any region 2) assembled in 3-5 days


2. Barriers to Entry

      • R&D: 4 years of development – USD 6M already invested in the solution development
      • A Full range of finished products ready to be commercialized
      • A working “pilot village” in Vanuatu


3. Experienced and qualified team

      • Founders with a proven track record in growing high potential, early stage brands and companies (Queensland Roofworks, Nev Future Shapes, etc.)


4. Key figures: USD 6M investment to date

    • A first Round of USD 20M to build facility and launch the commercialisation – Total size of the project USD 200M
    • IRR expected 15% – Lock up 5.5 years
    • Existing & growing pipeline of projects – currently > USD 100M revenues