Project code name : “ LATER“

Fast-growing Luxury e-commerce
USD 8.3M sales
USD 10M Fundraising

Online Premium Outlet

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Founded by entrepreneurs having a proven track record within within leading e-commerce players in Asia, the company started operations in 2016 and became the premier online outlet in one of the fastest growing market in ASEAN.

After having successfully raised USD 600K in 2015 (Seed), USD 1M in 2016 (Serie A) and USD 2M in 2017 (Serie A+) from reputed Business Angels and VCs, the Founders/Managers are now looking for USD 10M (Serie B) by end of 2018 in order to:

1. Improve the technology used by the web platform as well as the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

2. Consolidate its position as the premier online outlet in its Home market and accelerate its growth

3. Enter a new market in ASEAN through a JV with a local player

Key Financials:

  • Net Revenue = USD 8.3M sales in 2018 = x2 vs 2017 / USD 55M forecast in 2020
  • Net Margin = 21% in 2018 (vs 19% in 2016)
  • Growth: +25.5% CQGR since launch of operations in Q1 2016 (Compound Quaterly Growth Rate)
  • Diversified Revenue mix = 25% (Home), 25% (Apparel & Shoes), 25% (Beauty), 25% (Accessories)
  • 0 inventory: 100% of the items are either sold or returned to the brands
  • Positive cashflow: Brands are paid 30 day after customers’ orders

Key Investment Considerations:

1. The company’s existing strengths:

  • Wide portfolio of 1,400 premium international brands (x2 vs. Q1 2017)
  • Diversified source of revenue: 64,700 cumulated clients supplied as of July 2018 including 33% of new clients
  • Growing loyalty rate: From 20% in Q4 2016 up to 27% in Q1 2018
  • Experienced team with proven track record within leading e-commerce players in Asia
  • World-class strategic and financial shareholders having already committed up to USD 4M
  • Highest standard of professionalism: All products are quality checked and guaranteed to be genuine

2. Numerous growth drivers:

  • Loyalty rate in the company’s home market is high = 27% but there is still some room for growth (the standard is 50% in the USA)
  • The operations are focused on 1 country in ASEAN – Opportunity to expand in neighborhood countries
  • E-commerce in ASEAN is booming: From USD 5.5 Bn in 2015 up to USD 88 Bn in 2025 (Source: Temasket and Google)