Project code name : “ IMAGINE“

Small Cap - Luxury Boats
EUR 6M sales
EUR 5M Fundraising

Most Advanced Amphibious Boat

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State of the art technology & design, high performance, maximum safety, project « IMAGINE » brings boating industry to a level of enhancement that has never been seen before.


Key Investment Considerations:


1. A global market with high potential

  • Commuter solution for island owners
  • Logistic free solution for waterfront property owners
  • VIP service for luxury waterfront resorts
  • Ultimate Yacht tender
  • Multiple other possible applications: Coast guards, rescue…


2. A Fusion of Performance & Security + Luxury design

  • 5 years of R&D, > EUR 5M invested, worldwide patents
  • High performance on the ground and in the sea (45MPH)
  • 1,200 sqm state of the art workshop (100% Made in France)
  • Safe embarkment / disembarkment for old people, children…


3. A Unique environmental friendly motor boat with low maintenance

  • The only true hybrid boat (electric and thermic propulsion)
  • Low maintenance costs since they do not stay in water
  • Very low pressure of the tracks on the land, quiet, 0 emission
  • No need for expensive docks/marinas/harbors


4. Solid & Experienced Team

  • Visionary & Dedicated Founder = EUR 2.5M invested to date
  • Passionate team engaged at all levels
  • Experienced team in the nautical & automotive industry
  • Strongly involved advisory board


5. Encouraging Past Results – Proof of Concept is achieved

  • 7 boats sold in 2015 (1st year of commercialization) + 8 in 2016
  • 3 boats already sold in January 2017
  • Very impressive clients portfolio from all continents
  • Satisfied clients who became investors


6. Realistic & Attractive Business Plan

  • Focus on investing in Marketing & Sales
  • Set up of a global distribution network
  • 2017 sales objectives = EUR 6M
  • 2021 = EUR 42M / EBITDA = EUR 8M