Our Investment Opportunities – Project Code Name: “FREEDOM”

Innovative Financial Products - Investment Opportunities

Innovative Financial Products

Project code name “FREEDOM”

EUR 4M sales in 2016 & EUR 3M sales in 2017


EUR 5M Fund Raising

“FREEDOM” consists in financing and developing a group offering synergistic financial services structured around a historical media (providing a significant flow of digital visitors) such as:

  • Payment institution (approved by the French Banking regulatory – ACPR) to secure the transaction
  • Real Estate brokerage firm with wide national network (ACPR/ORIAS Approved) and SaaS Credit Brokering Application
  • Operations related to collaborative economy: Crowd-funding & Crowd-Expertise

    Key Investment Considerations

    1. Attractiveness of the Business Model: financial products & customer acquisition are facilitated by a media (French historical and iconic press title of international renown) belonging to the same group with over 3m visitors in May 17

    2. Innovative products developed – in particular in mutualization services, Crowd-Expertise

    3. Proprietary technologies (patents in the USA and Europe) – especially in payment solutions

    4. A dedicated team of 12 experts:
    – A CEO – Successful Entrepreneur – Web & SEO/SEM & Payment solutions Specialist
    – 2 CTO to optimize flows and 1 COO


    Key figures

  • Listed company on Euronext since 2007

  • Media Flow: Over 3m visitors in May 17 (versus 0.5m in 2016)

  • Revenues 2017 (consolidated): > EUR 4M / EBITDA Margin 6%

  • Revenues 2019f (consolidated) ; EUR 50M / EBITDA Margin 10%, driven by
    – Development of the brokerage activity and increase of the network
    – Launch of innovative mutualization applications and solutions in the collaborative economy