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Robo Advisor for a Digital Pension Management

Project code name “BULLET”

USD 2M sales (2017 est.)


USD 4M Fund Raising


“BULLET” consists in financing the client acquisition of a Digital Pension Manager and the commercialization of its robo advisor, targeting offshore UK & Australian citizens.

The company is already up and running with regulatory licenses in UK, HK & Australia, +USD 100M Assets Under Management benefiting from a ready to use Robo advisor.


Key investment considerations


    1. Invest in an existing Digital Wealth & Pension platform

    • 2017 Revenues est. = Over USD 2M (for its 2nd full year of operation) – Positive EBITDA


    2. Scalable business model with recurring revenues

    • Fully Digital Business Model based on transparent and competitive fees
    • Complete range of advisory services with an innovative ready to launch robo-advisor underpinning the business through proprietary algorithms to optimize portfolio acquisition
    • User-friendly UX / UI to optimize client experience
    • Mobile app ready to launch


    3. A team with recognized expertise & experience in the Fintech industry

    • Founders with track record in finance & marketing
    • Executive team with skills in wealth management & IT
    • Staff ~20 in 3 countries


    4. Solid development strategy

    • International expansion: scaling up in US, Switzerland, South Africa with local advisor’s network
    • Cross-channel marketing strategy to reach offshore clients
    • Deployment of domestic markets with a B2B2C focus with SSIP in UK and SMSFs in Australia
    • Client take-up of Robo-advisor will grow in line with market acceptance


    5. Realistic & attractive BP

    • Key metrics: LTV / CAC ~ 6x
    • 2020 objective = USD 25M / EBITDA = 3M
    • USD 4M fundraising to boost client acquisition: recruitment of offshore pension managers, marketing campaigns…


    6. UK & Australian pension markets = USD 4 500 Bn assets

    • UK & Australia = 32% of total pension assets market, excluding US
    • Unique positioning: multi-location & focused target customers