Our Investment Opportunities – Project Code Name: “ATTRACTION”

Retail Data Analytics - Investment Opportunities

Retail Data Analytics

Project code name “ATTRACTION”

USD 2M Sales (2017)


USD 5M Fund Raising

“ATTRACTION” project consists in financing the accelerated growth of an innovative retail location planning & data analytics service built on a proprietary digital SaaS platform.

This digital platform includes an accurate and comprehensive proprietary retail database aggregating more than 1,000,000 stores, 8,000 different retail chains and 8,000 different commercial venues covering all of China – Providing unique and unrivaled market intelligence.

The company has already secured recurring contracts with many leading international retailers such as Nike, L’Oréal, McDonalds, Sephora…


Key investment considerations


    1. Proven Business model in China with Global Potential

    • Subscription-based business model with additional consulting revenues
    • Over 80% of the clients have renewed their contracts (~20 clients in 2017)
    • Expansion to SE Asia, Latin America & Middle East planned over next 2 years


    2. Strong Barriers to Entry

    • 5 years creating an accurate database tuned specifically for retail location planning
    • Team of 150 highly trained staff to ensure objective, systematic data collection
    • Developed a full range of GIS tools and services
    • Over USD 7M invested


    3. Benefits for Clients

    • Market intelligence: tracks competitors, reference brands and developers to create holistic and updated views of China’s retail landscape
    • State of the art GIS platform: user-friendly and fully customizable (including the upload of clients’ own proprietary data); laptop and mobile (iOS) versions available
    • Tools, data and processes to optimize Coverage and Store Planning: creation of systematic “Smart Hit Lists” of target locations to provide options for lease negotiation
    • Ad-hoc consulting support to best match clients’ needs: Geo-coding and Mapping CRM data; City Ranking..


    4. Experienced & Qualified Team in Retail & Analytics

    • Group of INSEAD MBA founders with retail & data analytics experience
    • Strong on-the-ground experience in China/Asia


    5. Excellent past Results, Growth & Perspective

    • Revenues 2017e: USD 2.0M (x2.5)
    • Revenues 2018f: USD 6.0M / 2m already secured
    • 100+ prospects in live negotiations in China alone