Investment Opportunities – Project Code Name: “ARMORIQUE”


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Project code name: “ARMORIQUE”


Mid Cap

Fund Raising

Founded in 1980’s, , ARMORIQUE is a French property developer, which from 10 years diversifies into new activities such as hotels & business centers, and developed an expertise into aluminium construction and wood carpentry.

Benefits and competitive advantages: national coverage and fully integrated real estate service from manufacturing, promotion, sales to Management

ARMORIQUE is looking for investors able to finance new ambitious projects especially in Paris and Lyon areas.

Key Considerations:

  • 30 years of expertise in Real Estate
  • Successful diversification in services
  • Solid track record: SNCF, Siemens, Airbus and more

Key Financials:

  • Turn 2015 ~ EUR 70 M
  • 700 buildings realized in France
  • Around 1 million of sqm built