Investment Opportunities Project Code Name: “ABSOLUTE”

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Project code name: “ABSOLUTE”



EUR 2.5M Fund Raising

With over 10-year expertise in traditional media in China, the company has newly developed a groundbreaking solution to connect with luxury consumers anywhere.


Problem: Luxury industry struggle to engage and retain with new luxury consumers.

Solution: Company’s code named “ABSOLUTE” is a lifestyle digital media offering free premium information, services and privileges to users. A platform helping luxury companies to engage and retain with new luxury consumers all year long, create dynamic advertising and drive-to-store campaigns, generate direct sales by getting access to highly-profiled data at key moments.


Key investment considerations

  • Skilled associates with +15 year experience in media, luxury, technology
  • First mover with a pioneer concept
  • Luxury digital advertising is a booming market (USD 11.3B)
  • Disruptive users acquisition based on strategic partnerships
  • CAC decreases with volume and CLTV increases with time


Key figures

  • Since 2005, strong track record in luxury industry (Hermès, Richemont, LVMH)
  • Cartier, first advertiser of the new platform (USD 75K)
  • +11,000 generic users today
  • Forecast revenue USD 8M (year 3)
  • Scalable business model with high-margin (+60%)


Use of funds (USD 2.5M)

  • Boost audience acquisition, develop strategic partnerships
  • Improve App functionalities (iOS, Android, WeChat)
  • Develop collection (France, UK) & market (Cantonese & Korean)
  • Grow Privileges to increase retention rate & virality